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Trapped Behind Enemy Lines...

We were born in a war zone. A battle has been ragging long before we were created and now we find ourselves trapped behind enemy lines. On that fateful day Adam and Eve fell from God’s grace, they ran off and hid in the bushes. And true to form God came looking for them. He called to Adam, "Where are you?" (Gen. 3:9). Thus began the long and painful story of God's fervent pursuit of mankind.


But even though we’ve all betrayed him at one time or another and fallen and chose the path that leads away from grace, God did not, and does not abandon us. Even a quick read of the Old Testament would be enough to convince you that divine rescue is God's action plan. First with Noah and his family, then with Abraham and his entire household, and then with the nation of Israel, what you see over and over again is God looking for a people who will turn to him from their hearts, and be his intimate allies once more.


The dramatic archetype is the Exodus, where God goes to war against the Egyptian taskmasters to set his captive people free.


Four hundred some years they have languished in a life of despair and slavery and suffering. Suddenly—blood. Hail. Locusts. Darkness. Death. Plague after plague descends on the Egyptians like the blows of some unrelenting ax. Pharaoh finally relents and loosens his grip, but only for a moment. The fleeing slaves find themselves pinned against the Red Sea when Egypt makes a furious charge, hurtling down on them in chariots.


But just in the nick of time God shows up and snatches victory from the jaws of defeat when he drowns those soldiers in the sea, every last one of them. Standing in shock and joy on the opposite shore, the Hebrews proclaim, "The LORD is a warrior" (Ex. 15:3). Yes, God is a warrior. And he has come to rescue us. For more about all this see 'Epic' by John Eldredge (a small book that can make a big impact in understanding God's story)

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