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God's Plan for My Life - by Christina Conover

One of the desires that came to me at the beginning of my walk with the Lord was a wish to know His plan for my life. I can remember praying fervently for Him to reveal to me what He wanted me to do, or be, or become. I imagined His plan to be unique and specifically designed for me.

It’s been eight years since I started what I’d describe as a “serious” Christian walk, but I’m not sure I have any clearer idea in regard to those specific details of the plan than I had in those earlier days of my journey.

Since my “transformation” eight years ago, much has changed inwardly and outwardly for me. I’ve quit a job in which I was gainfully employed and that I very much enjoyed going to Haiti for a year to teach English at an orphanage. For both mission purposes and pleasure, in fact, I’ve traveled to places I’d have never thought to venture. My mother, to whom I was extremely close, passed away. I’ve lost a sister and a best friend to cancer. My church home has changed. I’ve remarried after almost 30 years as a divorcee and sold my house in the process of moving to his. My husband and I have made many new friends in the small group we joined through The Crossing.

Now we’re selling his house to move to Cincinnati, a trial run at urban living. I’ve developed a ministry in which I revisit the Haitian orphanage at Easter time each year in order to bring the kids a week of treats and fun to help them momentarily forget how difficult their lives are. In short, my life has changed tremendously since 2010.

Not all of it has been change which I’d describe as good. Losing my mother, sister and best friend were extremely painful events, and arguably the darkest periods of my life. I haven’t found a replacement job that I’ve liked as well, even though I have expended a great amount of time and energy in attempting to do so. Going from being single with adult children who lived in their own homes to being married and raising a daughter was also a difficult adjustment, at least initially anyway.

Despite the losses, I’ve also gained an incredible amount of joy. My husband is a good man who has become my best friend. We’re having the time of our lives together. Marriage also brought me a much larger family, from having two children to five and from one grandchild to eleven. I’ve gained a mother-in-law who brings a lot of joy to me as well. Being married has enabled me to work when I want and to choose the schedule that best fits our lifestyle. Additionally, the lack of a full-time job gives me more time to volunteer at church, and both of us agree that our church lives are better than ever. We’re also extremely excited about our trial run as urbanites. All of this—the good and the bad—are God’s plan for my life.

When I student-taught many years ago, my cooperating teacher gave me a little card with scripture from Proverbs which I kept on my dresser mirror for years; “In all ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy paths” (Proverbs 3:6, KJV). I came to a realization a few years ago, or perhaps “revelation” is a more apt term: God wants us to seek Him in every aspect of our lives, and when we wholeheartedly seek Him in order to know Him, the rest falls in place.

This, in all its simplicity, is His plan for our lives: Seek and know God. My fervent prayer is no longer “Reveal Your plan;” instead it’s “Your will, not mine.”

Christina and her husband, Dale, call The Crossing home. She is a school teacher and part of The Crossing Blog Team.    

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