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I love history. I think it is just so cool to look back and see how things were, and then to sort of marvel at all the advances we have made and the discoveries that change our lives. For instance; back in the late 1800s, doctors and scientists believed in something called spontaneous generation. You guys remember reading about that in science class right? Scientists, all of them, they believed it.


The idea behind spontaneous generation was that living organisms could suddenly, just pop up anywhere, and this pretty much how they explained diseases in the late 1800s. That from out of nowhere, disease could just occur and doctors and scientists, they didn’t know it was really related to anything else. Suddenly, a disease could just pop up on skin or pop up in a person’s body. In many cases, diseases would sweep through families and communities and cities and kill thousands and thousands of people.


The assumption was that, it was just providential, and in some cases, they said it was just God’s will. Then a guy named Louis Pasteur came along and he said no no no no, that’s not the case at all. He taught that there are tiny invisible organisms that you cannot see, that they actually cause these diseases, and they can be carried by the wind. They can be passed on by touching someone’s skin. They can live in food. They can live on different surfaces.


And that these diseases, are not just cropping up randomly, but there are invisible organisms. There’s an invisible world that’s impacting the visible world.  And this invisible world, these microorganisms, as we would later call them, are everywhere and you know what? You can’t even see them. And this unseen, invisible world is impacting the visible world around us every single day. And this has the potential to destroy lives, families, communities, and create all kinds of pestilence that goes all over the world and kills hundreds and thousands of people, millions even… all because of something you can’t even see.


Well, this idea caught on pretty quick among the medical community he was a part of, and they began doing stuff like washing their hands. They began separating sick people from each other. They began quarantining.  They began watching to see if there was a transmission from one person to another of a common disease.  However, I don’t know if you remember this part, but many people in the medical and scientific community, and even people outside the medical and scientific community, thought that this idea was crazy.


They said… "You’re telling us that something that’s invisible can float through the air, land on food, and infect food and make us sick? You’re saying there’s something that I can’t see, that could be on my skin that gets transmitted to somebody else’s skin?  That there’s an invisible world? That we’re surrounded by all these invisible, living organisms that impact the visible world?"


To which Louis Pasteur said, "Yes… Absolutely. That is exactly what I am telling you."


Well, nowadays, that’s not a theory at all. That’s a fact, right? I mean, we all believe in germs. Everybody does, we believe there’s an invisible world that effects our visible world.  That’s why all of us have a lot of anti-microbial soap in our homes.  We use gallons of this stuff because, not only do we believe in germs, not only do we believe there’s something that we can’t see that impacts what we can see, we believe that it’s dangerous too.  We believe that it could be life threatening. We know now this to be a fact.


And it not just germs. It’s gravity too! I can’t see that either, but you see the effects right? What about oxygen? We all believe in that, even if we can’t see it. The unseen world can and does impact the visible seen world in so many ways. We all know that. None of us dispute that. Now the thing is, there’s another kind of invisible world.


There’s another invisible spiritual world that doesn’t simply impact us physically, but it impacts us in other ways too. It impacts our thinking. It impacts our worldviews. It impacts our attitudes. It impacts our attitudes toward morality and our finances, our relationships, our marriages, how we date, how we do business, how we interact with people. It impacts everything about us. And it too can be life threatening…


It’s an invisible world and it’s all around us and impacts everything we do. And, yet, even as we talk about it, some of us tend to resist this idea. We’re sort of like the people that lived in the late 1800s and we say: "Wait a minute. Wait a minute. You’re telling me there’s something I can’t see that impacts what I can see? That’s just difficult to believe."


But the same Bible that says, "Love one another," [we love that part] the same Bible that says, "Husbands, love your wives," [and all the wives love that part]. The same Bible that says, "Children, obey your parents," [and all the parents love that part].  And the same Bible that says, "You can know God by putting your faith in him," [we all love that part]… that same Bible, many of those same books, say "That’s not all, it’s not just that stuff, there’s much more. There’s an invisible spiritual world. There’s an invisible world that impacts your visible world every-single-day. And you don’t need a microscope to discover it.” And if your one of those who chooses to ignore this unseen world you do so at your own peril.


From a message I gave in church a few years ago called “All Is Not As It Seems”

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