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The Huge Announcement: On the Move!

This past Sunday was a big day in the life of The Crossing. We made a big announcement about the future of this church and wanted to give you the details in written form so you're up-to-date.

Up until 4 Tuesdays ago, we were moving forward with the property on Herold Road, but it was on that day that Kenny received a call from a local pastor.

Pastor Troy and Life Change Church (across from UC Clermont on the top of the hill in Batavia) have been feeling called by God to relocate to Milford Parkway where their regional impact can be greater magnified and he asked Kenny if The Crossing would be interested in buying their land and buildings.

Since that conversation it has become crystal clear that this is a God thing - something that only He could do and orchestrate.

Here are the details straight from Kenny's notes:

On Herold Rd- For about 1.1 Million we would own 23 Acres and build a 4-6,000 Sq. ft. building but still have to meet at Williamsburg HS and still need another 3-7 years and approximately 10 Million dollars to get to where Life Change's campus is RIGHT NOW. It would take us 10 years at Herold to get to this point…

Because Life Change has 53 acres, 3 buildings (a Children’s Building, a Youth Building, Offices and a 600 seat worship center (Burg is 300) and for only 2 Million and we can be in it, potentially by this Easter.

We secured a lending partner… Not easy to come by for a 5 year-old church, especially for that dollar amount!

We began negotiating with the leaders at Life Change Church… Best Negotiations I have ever been a part of - prayers, laughter, pizza, and concern and compassion to treat the other party right. The worst part about negotiating with this Church is YOU CAN REALLY GET INTO A STALEMATE when YOU ARE BOTH IRRESPONSIBLY GENEROUS!... We met our match… POINT BEING, this was the most expensive transaction I have been a part of, and I have had more stress buying a kitchen appliance!

And I AM SO HAPPY TO ANNOUNCE THAT as of yesterday (Saturday), we secured a loan from CFR (Christian Financial Resources) for the full amount and signed a contract with Life Change Church, so in the next 30-60 Days THE CROSSING CHURCH CAN REMOVE THEMSELVES FROM THE PORTABLE CHURCH LIST… WE HAVE A NEW HOME and IT IS TWICE AS MANY ACRES, TWICE AS MUCH SEATING CAPACITY, AND A FRACTION OF THE COST!!!

Bottom Line

We will be the owners of a 54 acre - church campus!

By sometime in August we will have the full 24/7 use of offices AND a meeting space that our teens, band and midweek groups can meet in (ABOUT 150 Capacity)

Translation: So rather than spending 1.1 Million and being in a small building by NOVEMBER 2017… GOD got us in a bigger one by this August… or 14 months earlier…

And instead of waiting another 4-8 years, we will be worshipping in a 600 seat auditorium with a Children’s Area and Teen Space by THIS SPRING!!! For a fraction of the long-term cost…

Potential Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why is Life Change/King's Way moving and/or what wrong with the property? Nothing… Life Change has had a very strong television ministry and webTV presence, that makes them more regional. They have people driving from Middletown, Hamilton and other regions of our CINCY METRO, so they are moving to a property right off the I-275 corridor to accommodate their wide geographical reach. 
  2. Why so cheap? Who cares - Praise God. Just asking that question alone, demonstrates the presence of God in this… It also demonstrates the BIG “C Church” attitude of Life Change as it was their strong desire to keep the property in the kingdom.  
  3. Doesn't the visibility of the Herald Road/32 property make it a better option? Accessibility trumps visibility…
  4. Weren't we under contract with the property at Herald Road? Yes, but we had contingencies built into the contract that allowed us to get out of the contract if the costs were getting too large, and they were. But because we entered in to a contract and we want to be a blessing and err on the side of generosity, we reimbursed them for the profit that they lost from not being able to farm this year while being under contract with us. 
  5. How does this affect our long-term vision to be more of a community center? It allows us greater potential for community outreach and it allows us to do it faster. God moved us forward 8-10 years and frankly saved us 8-10 million dollars less for us to do it... Can you imagine what 8-10 Million over the next 8-10 years can do for this Community?
  6. What needs to be done in order for The Crossing to move in? Absolutely nothing. Property and buildings are turn key ready
  7. Are we still going to do 2 services? Yes and we will most likely look to add an evening service.
  8. What is the time frame? We will be able to move into the administrative offices the day we close (45-60 days). We should start worship services somewhere between the April 16th (Easter) and June 1st of next year.  
  9. How are we supposed to pay for it? We partnered with Christian Financial Resources to secure a loan to purchase the property. We will be embarking on a journey of generosity beginning in October.
  10. What is my part to play in this? The first thing you can do is to take this campaign, this church, this leadership to the Lord in prayer. Ask Him to guide us all, push us all, and provide in a way that only He can do. 

   The second thing you can do is to either find a team to serve on or continue serving on the team you are a part of. It takes us all exercising our gifts to be the kind of church God is calling us to be. 

   The third thing you can do is to invite people to be a part of The Crossing. This campaign is going to be a journey that will grow us all deeper in our faith and it will be a great opportunity for someone to start their journey with Him at The Crossing.

   The fourth thing you can do (and most obvious) is to invest in the vision of this campaign for the future of The Crossing. This is a big leap of faith and it has been clear from the outset that God is trusting us, so the only question that remains is, will we trust HIM? He has given us the path to take and it will require us all to raise our bar of generosity exponentially. Will you generously give financially to see the vision of The Crossing become a reality?

   So, there you have it. Four things: pray, serve, invite, and invest. Are you FOR this?

God is moving, leading, and paving the way. 

We plan on showing you a video walkthrough this coming Sunday of the campus. We're looking forward to it!

In the Meantime... Here Are Some Pictures!






Watch Video of This Announcement

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