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The Eclipse and God's Glory

My husband, granddaughters, and I drove to Southwest Kentucky to view the eclipse on August 21. We travelled by car for the better portion of two days (there and back), waited in fourteen hours of traffic on the way home, paid nearly five times as much as usual for a hotel room, drove around the vicinity for several hours after we arrived the day before to stake out a prime viewing spot, waited in long lines to go to the bathroom, and sat in a hot cornfield for six hours just to witness an event (i.e., the total eclipse of the sun) that lasted only two minutes and 40 seconds. 

The traffic-laden roads and highways were an indication that we were among millions of people who did the same apparently “foolish” thing.

The moment of totality is difficult to describe. For more than an hour beforehand, the moon begins to move in front of the sun. During this time, viewing glasses must remain on when looking at the spectacle. People, including us, stood or sat with necks bent and faces pointed toward the sky. As the minutes passed, an eerie dusk-like darkness, but clearly not dusk, enveloped the corn fields, miles away from the city lights, where we witnessed the event. Finally, and with hoots and hollers from the crowd, we were able to remove our glasses and view the heavenly bodies with our naked eyes.

Although the moon completely obscured the sun, we could still see its light—a brilliant sparkling ring around the circumference of the moon. And although we could see stars in the sky, it was still light enough to see clearly, unlike the pitch blackness of the night. The moon simply could not squelch the radiance of the sun. It was a spectacular sight. I was awestruck and filled with reverence. One spectator who was interviewed by CNN described it as a feeling that he was “part of the universe.”

The next morning our devotional, God-incidentally enough, began with “I am the Light; in me there is no darkness at all.” It went on with, “I am the Light that keeps on shining in the darkness! Nothing can extinguish—or even diminish—the perfection of My everlasting radiance. [My crucifixion and resurrection] punctured the darkness so that my dazzling brightness could break through and pour into the heart of my followers.”

In the cornfield that morning amongst the thousands of gathered spectators and before the eclipse had begun, I said to my husband, “This would be a perfect time for Jesus to ride a white horse across the sky and prove His existence to all—believers and non-believers alike.” But I’m reminded that we are called to live by faith and not by sight. The eclipse is a dazzling, but much subtler reminder of His glorious brightness in the midst of our dark world.

Christina and her husband, Dale, call The Crossing home. She is a school teacher and part of The Crossing Blog Team.

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