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9 Things You'll See in Your Life When You Are Led By the Spirit

As we learned this past Sunday, the Holy Spirit is vital to our lives. If you're involved in a community group, you would have talked even more about His role in our lives.

One thing that Jesus talked a lot about was this idea of producing fruit. He gave an analogy where He is a vine and we are the branches. He said that the branches - so long as they stay connected to the vine - will bear fruit. But if there were any branches that did not bear fruit, they would be cut off and thrown away. It's quite the picture of what I want to show you today. Read that whole account here.

Be encouraged! If you have the Spirit of God, His fruits should be coming forth into your daily life. In fact, if He is in you, you can rest assured that they are growing within you.

9 Things You'll See in Your Life When You Are Led By the Spirit

1. Love

The Spirit will lead you to love more. To have a true, sacrificial, Jesus kind of love, requires that the Spirit of God grow that love inside you. You can't do it on your own. It's His job.

2. Joy

The Spirit will lead you to live in joy. To have a deep sense of His presence, power, and glory is more than enough to cause you to rejoice no matter your circumstances. But you can't just manufacture true joy in God. It has to be grown within you.

3. Peace

The Spirit will lead you to live with peace. You are embraced by the Creator of all things. Experience that peace! Who brings this out? You guessed it, the Spirit.

4. Patience

The Spirit will lead you to exude patience. He is in control, not you. The anxiety we experience about the future isn't from Him, it's from our misplaced fear. The Spirit pushes patience to the surface in your life. It's not something you can just will into your existence.

5. Kindness

The Spirit will lead you to show kindness. Instead of being rude and obnoxious, you can experience the calming presence of the Spirit as He leads you to be kind to all.

6. Goodness

The Spirit will lead you to live in and value goodness. Instead of giving yourself to the seeking of that which is evil, you'll be compelled, driven to value and live in goodness. Can you do this yourself? Nope! But He can.

7. Faithfulness

The Spirit will lead you to be faithful. Commitment. It's a troubling word and concept for many, however, with the Spirit's presence, He brings this word into new light. Faithful. Committed. To God. To your family. To your friends. To those who are lost and without Christ. Faithful. He is and He can make you too.

8. Gentleness

The Spirit will lead you to be gentle in your demeanor and attitude. Ever been around someone who exuded gentleness? Isn't it nice to be around people like that? Gentleness. It's what you'll be moving toward as the Spirit molds you.

9. Self Control

The Spirit will lead you to self control. You will conform to all these things because of this thing that the Spirit grows within you. The Spirit is at work, do you see Him working?

Victory in the Spirit

The same Spirit who raised Jesus from the dead is the same Spirit who dwells in Jesus followers today. He was victorious! You can be victorious. Your struggles can be overcome because Jesus overcame the world and He has given to you and to me the Helper, the Holy Spirit.

Be encouraged today!

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