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Your Generosity is Strengthening Churches in Southern Asia!

Did you know that your generosity is helping spread the good news of Jesus throughout the world? It's true. And it's super exciting! Sometimes it's tough, though, to share specifics related to what the missionaries we support are doing because a few of them are in areas that are hostile to Christianity.

your generosityBut allow me to share a bit with you about one family that we support who is doing great work in southern Asia. They are in the midst of a community that can be, in certain areas, violent toward Christians. But the work of God continues despite that! 

They are investing in pastors all across the region and training them on how to minister to people in their unique contexts. 

Currently, the family is on opposite ends of the world as mom and the kids are back here in the States and dad is back in Asia. He has had a lot of things going on... Interns joining the work, connecting with church leaders who are in very unchurched regions, helping pastors develop children's ministries, developing the organization of a children's home, and teaching with the local Youth With a Mission.

We're Part of This Work

It's such a blessing to be able to partner with missionaries as they go to the places on earth that desperately need access to the Gospel. As they train those pastors in their region, would you join us in praying for this family?

Specifically, here are some prayer requests they have for us:

*Praise God for his ongoing provision and sustaining help.

*Please pray for two brothers (RS and RM) with whom we are spending a lot of time with to asses their work and help expand. 

*Pray for the pastors in the GAP Network that God would develop godly people who will truly teach the Word and love His people.

*Continue praying for God's peace to be with our family while apart.


They are expecting baby #3, too! Mom is doing well with the pregnancy and I can only imagine that this is a difficult time for them to be apart, but, in his words, God is sustaining us.

Would you join us in praying for these missionaries?

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