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How to Stay "In the Know" at The Crossing

How to stay in the know

Have you ever found out about something that happened at church weeks ago that you totally missed? Have you ever been "late to the party" when something big was announced?

Have you ever wanted to share something exciting in your life, but didn't know how to? Have you ever wanted to get people praying for something you're going through, but didn't know how to?

If you've ever dealt with the frustration of not being "in the know" at The Crossing then we want to help you out.

Below you'll find a breakdown of the various channels of communication here at The Crossing along with some helpful links and screenshots.

We hope that this will help you stay "in the know" with everything that is going on here.


Weekly Email - Each Thursday we send out an email to everyone who has given us his or her information through a connection card on Sunday morning. We keep you “in the know” on events, news, and point you back to what you might have missed during the Sunday prior. To get plugged into our weekly email, fill out a connection card on Sunday morning!


Website – You can find our website at At our website you’ll be able to catch the latest sermon, look up info about different ministries, view the church calendar, receive inspiration from the blog, give online, and so much more.


My Crossing - If you serve in a ministry area or are part of a community group, My Crossing is the place where you will communicate with your team and vice versa. Primarily, you’ll see this work through receiving emails from leaders where you can comment and communicate with the whole team. Go to the “Resources” tab at and click “My Crossing” to see a tutorial on getting signed in. This is a separate website from our main site, but it can be accessed from our main website. Here's the website for My Crossing:

my crossing

Prayer Team – Did you know that we have a team of people dedicated to praying over all the prayer requests we receive on a daily basis? If you want to have this team pray for you or someone you know then email them at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Or you can share them at Or you can put your prayer requests on the connection card on Sunday morning.

Scrolling Slides on Sunday – Every Sunday before and after services begin there are graphics on the large screen in the sanctuary. These include various events that are coming up so if you want to keep up with what’s going on at The Crossing, you can do so by getting to service a little early or hanging out a little after and checking out the screen!

Sunday Announcements – Every Sunday we take a few minutes during the worship service to point out some things that are coming up that you can either attend or serve at. We’ll typically keep these limited to things that relate to most people present.

The Crossing Blog – The Crossing has a blog where we share inspirational content and important updates with you. You can access the blog at If you’re looking to grow your faith and seeking to stay updated with big announcements, then check the blog every Friday for new content.

The Crossing Program – Every Sunday we have a program available that highlights some of the things that are going on, or coming up, within the church.

Connection Card– Every Sunday we ask you to fill out the orange Connection Card on your seat. This is how we know who is in church; how you can update your information, one way to ask for prayer, sign up for upcoming events and generally help us stay connected to you.

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Facebook - Crossing Student Ministry page:

Instagram - Church page:

Kenny White, Lead Pastor:

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Twitter - Church Page:

Kenny White, Lead Pastor:

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If you are interested in connecting via social media, but you aren’t comfortable using it. Here are some video links to help you:

  1. Beginners Guide to Facebook: Watch here
  2. How to Follow someone on Twitter and see what/when they Tweet: Watch here 
  3. Instagram Tutorial: Watch here

If social media isn't your thing, but you like to stay mobile, there's an app for that!

The Crossing App for Apple: Type in "The Crossing - OH" when in the iTunes App Store (link)

The Crossing App for Android: Type in "The Crossing - OH" when in the App Store (link)
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