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Proof God Made You Fearfully and Wonderfully

Proof God Made You Fearfully and WonderfullyFrom the moment of your parent’s act of creating you, God was knitting. Yes. Knitting. The Creator creates with many things. He even knits. Many knitters (if that is what you call them) will be thrilled at the fact that they share this in common with God. God was knitting you together. He was carefully creating what He wanted you to become. A King, warrior, and poet declared this very truth in Psalm 139, “you formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mother’s womb” (ESV).

I would have to assume that the maker of something knows the product more than the product knows itself. In the same way, we can safely assume that God knows you more than you know yourself. He was the one who formed you - one piece at a time. One knit a time, He formed you.

He did this because He deeply loves you. Why else would He have gone through the trouble of creating you? All that you are, the deepest thoughts, the deepest fears, the deepest pains, the deepest doubts, He knows all these things about you, and yet He still declares, I love you!

That same King, warrior, and poet who declared that God is a knitter also said, “I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made” (Psalm 139:14 ESV). How is walking by a mirror for you? Do you like what you see? Do you believe you are fearfully made? What does that even mean, anyway? How about wonderfully made? When you look in the mirror – a full body length mirror – what do you think? Fearful? Well, if you’re honest you may admit that you are, indeed, afraid of what you see. But this is a good fearfully. It’s mentioned in the same sentence as wonderfully.

Allow me to set off a bomb in your head so that you may clearly see whom you are and how awesome God is who made you.

Proof God Made You Fearfully and Wonderfully

Inside of you is 60,000 miles of blood vessels. How about that for mileage points at the airline? Turn those blood vessels into a path, wrap them around the earth, and you’ll end up going around twice. Oh, and you’ll have enough left over at that point to take a trip to Australia! How about that for an adventure down under?

Your bones are as strong as granite. If your brain were a computer, that computer could do 38 thousand trillion operations per second. Imagine how easy it would be to market that computer. Although the price you would want for it would be astronomical. I mean, come on, this is high-tech stuff! After all, the Creator of that computer is quite smart! Apple or PC? I’ll go with choice number three – me.

Your brain contains, on average, ten billion neurons. Each of these neurons contains twenty-five thousand connections to other neurons. Estimates have been made that your brain has the capabilities of holding one million times as much information as you could learn in a lifetime.

Your brain’s connected neurons look like the structure of the Universe. Almost like your brain was modeled after the Universe - or the other way around. Who knows? God could have had the blueprints drawn up before He started to create the Universe and all of us people in the earth.

creationYour body is bioluminescent. That means you glow in the dark! Although, your eyes aren’t strong enough to pick up the light, you still glow. Glow on! Glow on! If you’re really excited about this, you might be a… hippie. Just kidding - kind of.

In only 30 minutes, your body gives off enough heat to bring a gallon of water to a boil. So, if you’re ever stuck in the middle of nowhere, just figure out how to channel all that heat and you can cook some… well, whatever you find to eat, I suppose.

To quantify the thought that went into designing you would be immeasurable, for the designer is beyond quantity – He is infinite, you know, infinity! You are here. You were designed, and placed where you are for a reason and the reason goes beyond chance like the concept of infinity goes beyond the concept of one.

With eternity before Him and behind Him, and all power in His grasp, God decided to create. He wasn’t bored. He doesn’t need you. He doesn’t need me. He doesn’t need anything. He is self-sustaining, in need of absolutely nothing. And yet, despite all this, He decided to create. Out of love, He has created. You. Me. Spiders. Mosquitos. Yes. Out of love.

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