This is not a reopening because the church never closed, but a regathering. For those of you who call The Crossing your church home, welcome back. For those of you who started attending online, welcome home! 

We want to let you in on our exciting news!  Below we list all the changes that will happen starting the first weekend of October, but if you haven’t already, please make sure to watch the full video of Kenny and Hud as they go into detail about what October will look like here at The Crossing! 
We are so excited to be welcoming you all back!  We are not referring to this as a reopening because our church was never closed, but we are calling it a regathering. For those of you who call The Crossing your church home, welcome back!  For those of you who found us and started watching us online, we hope it's a welcome home! 
New Service times:
1. Church In The Parking Lot with Food trucks- Thursday evenings at 6:30pm with food trucks arriving at 5:30pm
2. Sunday Morning Indoor Service - 9:30am 
3. Sunday Morning Online Live Service: 9:30am 
4. Church In The Parking Lot - Sunday mornings at 11:00am
Starting the first week in October we will have 4 different opportunities for you to join us up here on the hill. Now let’s break them down! 
1. Church in the Parking Lot: You might’ve already heard us talking about our Thursday Night Outdoor service, or as we are now referring to it as Church In The Parking Lot. For the month of September we will have food trucks on campus before service. Food trucks will arrive at 5:30pm and the outdoor service will begin at 6:30pm. Thursday night services are the first services of the weekend. The service is more of an unplugged version of our Sunday morning service. We offer acoustic worship, communion and the same message as Sunday morning.  Our new tent allows us to hold the service rain or shine!  Please bring your own chair and practice social distancing between families. 
2. Sunday Morning Indoor Service: Welcome back and welcome home!  We are so excited to be able to have an in-person service inside our worship center again!  It will look a little different though. Seating will be limited with a maximum of 75-100 people allowed in the building.  Registration will be required for adults and children.  Children’s services will be available for Kindergarten through 5th grade only.  More information and instructions on registration will be released soon so please stay tuned to your email, our app, website and social media outlets for additional details.
Masks will be required for the entire service, but don’t worry if you don’t have one!  We will have masks available for everyone.  Shellie Fry and a team of mask making warriors have made almost 600 masks for adults and approximately 100 masks for children!  Please note that the worship team and Kenny will not be wearing a mask while onstage.  If that makes you feel uncomfortable we do have other service options available or you may choose to sit further away from the stage. 
Social distancing will be required.  We have updated our lobby to allow for more social distancing, but for now, we cannot allow people to socialize and hang out in the building.  The First impressions team will not be shaking hands and sadly, Hud will not be able to hug everyone.  This is not personal!  We just want to keep everyone as safe and as healthy as possible.  
Lastly, we will be limiting the occupancy of the bathroom to 2 people at a time and there will be disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizers located throughout the building.
3. Sunday Morning Online Service: For the past few months our online service has been at 10am, but we are moving our service times. The online service will now be at 9:30am. We know that for some of you it isn’t safe to be around a lot of people and some of you still only feel comfortable at home so that is why we are going to continue to do our online service.  We will continue to do the online service even when this virus is long behind us!
4. Church In The Parking Lot Sunday Morning at 11: We know that for some of you church is a Sunday thing. Sunday is your day! And we also know some of you do not want to wear a mask or do not feel comfortable being inside the building yet.  We get it!  So, starting in October you can join us outside in the parking on Sunday at 11am under the tent, rain or shine. This will be the same as our THURSDAY NIGHT SERVICE, but the only difference is we will not have food trucks on campus on Sunday morning. Please note that our second service used to start at 11:15am but we changed the service time to 11:00am.  Bring your own chair and please keep 6 feet of distance between families.
Also, we wanted to let you know that you may notice some people in the live stream in the coming weeks.  Don’t worry, you are not missing out on anything!  We have invited a few groups to view our live stream so that we can get used to the flow of having people inside the building and to make sure everything is safe and running as smoothly as possible for our official regathering in October.  
Finally, please know we love you all and miss you!  We are offering 4 different options in the hopes that we can meet as many needs as possible and we hope one of these options will work well for you and your family.  We can’t wait to be with you in whatever way you choose to be with us!
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