Picnic In The Parking Lot - Water Wars

Picnic In The Parking Lot - Water Wars

From July 22, 2019 5:30 pm until July 22, 2019 7:00 pm

At The Crossing Church

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We have an opportunity for you and your family to serve together! During the Month of July, we will be partnering with Light Shine Ministry here on campus every Monday evening to love on and built relationships with the children in our community. So bring out your entire family for an evening of fun, games, and fellowship! This event is completely free for families in the community so come join us. 

This event is purely to love on and build relationships with those in our own community! We believe that the Gospel changes everything, and people hear and receive this truth better when they actually have a relationship with the one sharing! Our God is a very relational God, and we want the kids in our community to come in contact with a God who loves them desperately! We hope that by the end of this month-long event, the kids will be able to build relationships with families at The Crossing, that God will be able to use this time to speak into their lives, and that this will pave the way for further relationship building in the future.

Calendar of events:
July 1 – Backyard Games
July 8 – Camp out theme:
July 15 – Jump It Out!
July 22 - Water Wars
July 29 - Back to School Celebration