(June 5th) 

Crossing family, 

I wanted to talk with you and bring you up to speed with where the leadership at The Crossing is at this point regarding Covid-19.  

First of all, if you filled out our survey- thank you! It has given us some good information as we move forward.  The Eldership has met weekly at 6:30 am for a Zoom Call and we’ve also met with the Staff & Elders as we prayerfully walk through this difficult time.

One of our Core Values has always been flexibility so we will continue to live and lead with that mind-set.  A couple other core values are that we have always been a Church FOR the Community.  We never want to over promise and under deliver, which is why we’ve been careful not to just throw out information that we would have to walk back 72 hours later.  We are also an Independent Church which means our Elders lead with only this Church Family in mind. 

So, what are we doing moving forward? Here is what our Elders have come up with for now (And I say for now because, as we have all learned things change daily with this thing.):

  1. We are continuing our ONLINE SERVICES at 10am on Sundays- this is something we will continue even when we start meeting again, but there will be some differences:
  • We left the Building the week after Easter and have been all over the place pre-recording. Starting Father’s Day Sunday we’re going back to live services in real time so we can be more current with any communications we need to make.
  • It will be available afterwards on Youtube, Facebook our app, etc.

Here’s what you can do as a part of this Church family to make this experience as good as possible:

  • Make it a MUST-SEE moment for you and your family. 
  • Share it and invite others- There is NO easier invite than sharing or personally inviting someone to watch and worship with you. We have had people watching from New York, California, Florida, and United Kingdom and other places. That was not happening before COVID-19.
  1. We are encouraging Small Groups that are comfortable with it and following the social distancing guidelines by the County Board of Health to begin meeting together for their weekly group time, but to also meet sometime on Sunday to Worship together.
  2. Because we know that many are NOT in a Community Group- we are going to have LIVE OUTDOOR SERVICES beginning Thursday Night June 25 at 7:30 (weather permitting).
  • This will be a brief devotional and some acoustic worship.
  • Bring your own chair!
  • Social distancing and wearing a mask are still recommended.
  1. We are starting ROOTED back up in August.
  • Because of Rooted we have had 13 Groups continue to meet even if, by video and staying in touch with one another and the Word.
  • If you have not been a part of Rooted then please keep your eye out for a way to sign up in the next week or so.


I know the BIG QUESTION on everyone’s mind is:




The Honest answer is that we still don’t know.  We’d love to shoot for early August, but it is hard to commit and then disappoint everyone by setting it back.  We want to watch and learn as dining, stores and yes, churches in our area have started to re-open. We will find out in 4-6 weeks what impact that has had on the spread of the virus.  We’re hoping and praying they get it right and it has no impact, but again, our leadership is not comfortable enough with the potential risk.  We have always said from day 1 that we are for the Community, we want to be a benefit, not a liability. We do not want to risk being that church that leads to a death due to our gathering.  We do not want to be that church that in the eyes of the community looks out of touch with what is happening.  And finally, corporate worship DOES NOT WORK with social distancing so let me walk you through what in-person services would be like because it won’t be like the “Good Old Days” anytime soon:

  • We have measured it out and our Worship Center would be cut down to ONLY 75 seats which means we would have to have a lot of services to accommodate our 800+ people.
  • There’d be no Nursery, Pre-School or Early Children’s Ministry at first due to them not able to social distance so that means parents will split duty and attend different services or have to corral their kids the entire service.
  • People would have to walk in and out without stopping to visit so we could sterilize and re-clean for the next group.
  • No hugging, no fist-bumping, no hand-shakes and no coffee.
  • People would BE REQUIRED to wear Masks. 
  • Probably no Singing (the jury is still out on this, it is a reality in many hotspots around the world.) And until we are certain one way or the other, we don’t want to take that risk.

Okay, so if not right now then when?  

We will consider opening when big gatherings like Theatres and Concert Venues open up without all the restrictions.

Now I already know that this may cause you to choose to find another church family to worship with.  If so, it is just another reason why this Covid-19 really sucks, but it is our reality right now, so if this causes you to find another church family, we wish you and that church you choose to worship with the very best.

Finally, Jesus knows the heart of this leadership and the way we feel about Him and those who still need to know Him.  He knows our motives in leading through this are NOT motivated by Fear, tithes & offerings or attendance numbers or even those who stay or leave.  We want to make Him famous and we are trying to do that every Sunday online, we are trying to do that in our community groups and we are trying to do that in the way we are rising up to serve the needs of those around us. There is nothing preventing you from doing that even in these Covid-19 times we are living in.

So, in conclusion, the staff, Elders and leaders love and miss you.  We’re going to get through this together.  When we re-gather it will be a celebration unlike any other!  The waiting is the hardest part, but it will be worth the wait!

If you have questions or comments reach out to us and we will set up a time to meet face to face. 

Thanks for your time,

Kenny White


(March 30th //  8:55pm) After all of the recent conferences from the Governor Mike DeWine and the president we will be closing our campus until further notice. We miss you all but are looking forward to when we can open our campus again. However, we are providing our services online through livestream on Facebook and YouTube on Sunday mornings at 10am.
(March 13th // 1:49pm) As of yesterday’s press conference regarding the Coronavirus (COVID - 19) with Governor Mike DeWine he stated that there is now a ban of gatherings of over 100 people or more and also extended the 3-week spring break for all of the schools in Ohio that starts this Monday, March 16th. This ban is to help slow the spread of the virus. While we realize that places of worship are exempt, we feel it is best at this time to follow the recommendations of our Governor but also put the health and well-being of our church body at the forefront.

Since the Governor has announced this ban, The Crossing Leadership has decided to be in support of the decision made.As a result of this announcement, we have decided to cancel all activities here on campus for the next 3 weeks. That includes all in-person services, small groups meeting on campus, any and all bible studies, etc. Small groups who meet off campus may continue to meet at the discretion of each small group leader.

We want to let you know that although we will not be meeting in person, we will be providing an online service starting next Sunday (March 22nd).   While there will not be an online service for this upcoming Sunday (March 15th) please check in online for a brief update from our Lead Pastor, Kenny White.

To be clear, the ENTIRE CAMPUS will be closed for the next 3 weekscoinciding with the Governor’s request of closing schools. We will re-evaluate as a Leadership over the next few weeks and communicate as final decisions are made. We are extremely blessed to have a medical professional as a part of our leadership who is able to help direct us. We are also extremely fortunate that we have the technology to still be able to enjoy the service from home, the coffee shop or wherever you choose to watch the service. *

During the 2 weeks that we will be providing online streaming you will get to experience the ENTIRE service. That means you can enjoy worship, a relevant message, give online ( and you can chat with others. We have not set a time for our live stream yet but will send out more information as we set things in place. *

Now more than ever is a great time to download our mobile app on your phone by searching “the crossing - Batavia” in the App Store or google play to get all of the important notifications of updates, to stream the service online, to give with the touch of a button, and to stay up to date with upcoming changes. When you first download the app, it will ask you to create a profile and then it will have you select which categories you would like to receive notifications for. For now, select them all and we can change your settings in the future!

Google Play Store for Androids:

App Store for iPhone:

Thank you for your understanding and please know we did not come to this decision lightly but want to do what is best for our church body and also our community. See you all online next weekend!

The Crossing Church Leadership*

(March 12, 2020 // 4:45pm) Due to the Governors press conference and the ban on large group gatherings we will not be having a normal church service tonight. We would’ve canceled had we had more notice, however we have decided to do a short prayer service tonight. Again, no regular service tonight (no worship, no message, only a short prayer meeting). 

Please stay tuned for more information to come on any future services.

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