About the Crossing

Who We Are, Our Leadership, and our History


Thanks for taking the time to check out The Crossing; we are glad that you found us. We are a non-denominational church on the east side of Cincinnati in the heart of Clermont County near Eastgate, Batavia, Williamsburg, Amelia, and Bethel. If you do not have a church that you call home, we would love for you to join us online this Sunday.

We are so glad you found us! 

Join us this Sunday at 9:00am & 10:45am! Or online at 9:00am!

We have children services (birth - 5th grade) during both services, however our student ministry (6th - 12th grade) only meets during our 10:45am service.

We still live stream our services on YouTube  during our 9:00am service.

We can't wait to see you this Sunday!

About the Crossing
About the Crossing

Our Location

4359 E Bauman Ln.
Batavia, Ohio 45103

Service Times

Sunday Morning at 9:00am on YouTube



9:00am & 10:45am 




We are a place for everyone to BELONG, even before you believe. Our desire is for you to encounter Jesus, BECOME more like Him each day, and BE BOLD as you live out His mission.

Come comfortable!

Dress Code

Our Dress Code is simple to remember – we just ask that you please wear something! We don’t get caught up on appearances. We just want you to come however you feel comfortable. You will find most people wearing jeans and t-shirts, and on special occasions you may even spot our Pastors with their shirts tucked in.


We promise that you can check us out without feeling as if we are checking you out. At The Crossing you will find real people with real problems, and we promise we won’t make you feel like we are any better than you. We will do everything we can to be welcoming, authentic, honest and transparent. So if you seem to have life all figured out and have no problems or issues, then this may not be the place for you. We aren’t interested in getting together each week to ‘play church’. We are interested in leading people one step closer to become more like Jesus. We welcome and include everyone, which is the way Jesus would want church to be.
The Crossing Leadership Team
Jay Phillips
Lead Pastor
Sarah Davidson
Childrens Pastor
Ken Hudson
Executive Pastor
Chris (Sarah) Perkins
Children's Ministry Preschool Director
Vernon Green
Pastoral Care Pastor
John Leppla
Facilites Director
Clara Millard
Worship & Creative Arts Director
Kasey Miller
Marketing Director


...about God

God is the Creator and Ruler of the universe who has always been and will always be. The one true God exists in three forms as the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

[Genesis 1:1, 1:26-27, 3:22; Psalm 90:2; Matthew 28:19; 2 Corinthians 13:14; 1 Peter 1:2]

...about our Mission

The Crossing is committed to “make disciples of all nations, baptizing them . . . and teaching them to obey everything I [Jesus] have commanded you.” [Matthew 28:20-21] This is accomplished through supporting the internal ministries of The Crossing, local ministry partners in our community, and distant ministry partners in the US and throughout the world.


[Matthew 28:19-20; I Timothy 4:2; 2 Timothy 2:2]


The Crossing started as a part of River Hills Christian Church in Loveland, Ohio. Our very first Sunday was April 10, 2011. God has been in this from day 1, and that is the only way we could ever describe the unbelievable start we have had from the very beginning. He is sending people from all walks of life, with a lot of real life experience, both good and bad, and He is using that life experience so that we can relate, empathize, and love this community in whatever way or means necessary in the name of Jesus.

If you have been looking for a real place with real people, that have real problems, and you want to find the real answer, then The Crossing just may be the church you have been waiting for.
We are a safe place for you to check out Jesus, a safe place for healing, a safe place to grow in your faith, a safe place to find community. It is our prayer, it is our passion, and quite honestly, we feel strongly that the only reason we would do this is so you can get past your negative impressions of the church and see the true leader of the church – Jesus Christ. We feel God has asked us to do this because, if you have exhausted all other possibilities in the area, we believe God would go to the extreme of bringing a church for you, to you; so if you think about it that way, The Crossing may be the church that you have been waiting for.

HOW The Crossing came about:

It started because God wanted to see it happen! That would be the short and most accurate answer.

However for those who want more details, here it is. From the beginning there were 3 couples that decided the to GO FOR IT in Late June of 2010 in a Barbeque dining spot in the area (We will keep the establishment anonymous at this time, but still frequent it often)

Once the decision to start a church took place, which was the easy part by the way, because Decisions can be easy, making that decision more than talk… Well, then the real Journey begins. We started researching models of church plants, we started asking tough questions and God brought us a few more families that became the initial New Church team. We consulted people that were kingdom minded and neutral to the situation and were much wiser than us in the area of new church planting and church growth in general.

We looked at the various options; we considered joining a church already in the target area and seeing if they would allow us to merge with them, but start an alternate service lead by us. We were advised that would not be a wise choice. We then were informed about the two options of a New Church Plant. One was the independent Church model where you begin on your own from day 1 but with support from some other churches or a single parent church. They would come around you and support you and then as you grew they would eventually scale down the support until you were completely independent. The second option was a multi-site model, there are different variations but the basic idea is that one church launches other sites at other locations in the region and in some cases the world. In a multi-site model, the main or initial campus provides all of the leadership and the DNA in many examples are close to identical. There is usually a live band at the locations but in many cases the message is shown by video from the original campus, by the lead pastor. Both options had many pros and a few cons. Regardless, we wanted to see one started, the how was yet to be determined. What we did know was that we needed a church in either case that would be willing to step in and either parent us as an independent church plant, or be a church that would be open to the newer concept of Multi-site.

This is where we believe that God clearly led us to River Hills Christian Church and their Pastor Jeff Metzger and his wife Teresa, who is also very experienced in church Leadership and Church planting. They had planted the River Hills Christian Church just 14 years earlier and they were already running over 1,000 in attendance with a beautiful new facility. They obviously had been there done that. When we first met Jeff & Teresa to tell them our desire to see a new church in the Batavia, Owensville, Williamsburg area, there is no doubt the Spirit was working in both camps because the moment we met, we knew they were who God had prepared for years and they were there for us to see this church happen. We immediately planned, prayed, prayed and planned, then we prayed and prayed some more. After a month of prayer and fasting and after much discussion with a team that had grown to about 18 adults when you included Jeff and Teresa, after weighing the two options, we decided to go with the multi-site model. After 9 months of planning, meetings, recruiting and after much support of the initial staff at River Hills (Jeff, Teresa, Will, Linda, Joshua, Jaki, Carrie, Shay, Jeremy, Bill, Ron, Bill, Marsha, Liz, Victor and all of the Trustees, Shepherds, Prayer team and the great church Family at Loveland) we had our first service on 4-10-11 with 455 in attendance. As I said, from Day 1 God was in this in every way!

It was a great start and has continued to grow in many ways, and we know with great appreciation in our hearts that were it not for the wisdom, guidance, support (both financial and physical) of River Hills, we would be nowhere close to where we are today. The beginning was great but the following 12 months continued to be an unbelievable year. So sooner than we expected and changing directions from Multi-site to an independent plant model (which fortunately- River Hills has always operated with the attitude that flexibility is one of their core values) After much discussion and prayer, the Metzger’s, Trustees and Shepherds once again demonstrated their leadership, maturity, and faith in releasing us to become an independent daughter church known as the Crossing Church on May 1, 2012.

We at the Crossing will always appreciate our past because there has already been so much in our short history to be appreciative of, but we will also anticipate and celebrate the future God has in store for His church in the Batavia, Owensville, and Williamsburg, Ohio area. God is continuing to send people from all stages of life with a lot of real life experience both good and not so good, and He is using that life experience so that we can relate, empathize and love this community in whatever way or means necessary in the name of God’s son Jesus.

The Crossing Church History is short, but it already feels as if we have crammed a decade’s worth of experience and memories in just over a year. All of that to say this, we truly believe as long as we continue to Follow God’s Lead, even when it seems counterintuitive. Then the best of what is to come is yet to be written.

If you or someone you know has been looking or has even given up on church, send them our way. If you have been looking for a real place with real people, that have real problems, and you want to find the real answer; then stop by some Sunday at Williamsburg HS at either our 9:00am or 10:40am service and check us out. The Crossing may just be that church you have been waiting for.

WHY The Crossing is even necessary:

The idea of starting a new church in Clermont County was not a decision that was made lightly. After all, why does Clermont County even need another church? That was a question we wrestled and prayed over for many months. We realize that there are many churches in this area, and all of them are doing good things that are reaching people in the name of Jesus, or at least keeping the people that they have. But we were growing more and more concerned about the high number of people that no longer attended church, or never even considered attending a church. Why was that, especially when there are so many existing places of Worship to choose? When we would talk to people we heard stuff like; “we believe in God, it is just the churches we do not like, or church is irrelevant, unnecessary, not what we need.” It really started to bother us when they talked about the church because whether it was a fair impression or not, their impression seemed to be distorted or even damaging to the reputation of Jesus.

Deserved or Undeserved, This is a real problem. It would be like saying, “I know I need to see a surgeon to get to the disease that is killing me, I just won’t see one because I don’t like hospitals” What we need today is Jesus, but if people cannot seem to see around the church to get to a place where they could meet Him, that is a problem with eternal consequence.

God would not leave us alone with that thought, so we started praying and asking, what would we do to change that feeling? What kind of hospital (church) should we start that would make people give the lifesaving surgeon (Jesus Christ) another look? The answers we came up with were not really original; they come from the model found in the New Testament Book of Acts a book that tells the story of the original church. We would demonstrate love to our Community in whatever way necessary, wherever necessary. We would do this not to grow our numbers or reputation, but to make the Love of Jesus more visible and felt. We would offer an environment in our worship services, where it is comfortable to check us out without feeling like we are checking you out. We want to be a place that is known more by the things we are for rather than the things we are against; to build people up not beat them up. We wanted to be a community of people that practiced what Jesus actually asked us to do, “Love Him and Love Them” and leave the Judgment and Condemnation to the God who truly knows what is going on below the surface. We wanted to preach the Bible, which we believe to be the Word of God, in a way that connects His Word and Truth to your Life and in a way that is creative and relevant to you right now! We wanted to use today’s technology because we live in a world that thrives on it, but use that technology in a way that brings attention to God and His Word. We have a live band every Sunday that may be entertaining to some people but that is not our objective, the objective is to use the powerful conduit of music to focus on Jesus, not the talented Vocalists and Musicians. We wanted to provide a dynamic and energetic ministry for children and teens of every age, because we know our kids are so important to us and our community’s future. We want to come alongside the family and make it stronger. Finally, we promise you that we are a community of people that does not pretend to have it all together, we are learning that all of us have real problems (Including the Pastoral Staff) We are trying to endure the hardships of life together and we are doing that by leaning on the One that truly is the answer to all of the problems… Of course truth be told, following Jesus unleashes a whole new set of Problems, the difference being you and Jesus can handle those problems together. That is His promise to all of us.

If you have been reading this and attend and are involved in another church in the area, we are glad you have found that Community of Faith to be involved in and even more importantly that personal relationship with Jesus. We hope you are read this with an attitude of joy that you have another ally in this community to do battle against the author of lies, distortion, greed, selfishness, hopelessness that is destroying individual lives, families, communities, etc. We hope you find the Crossing as another community of believers that is doing everything necessary to reach out to the unreached for Jesus. We mean no offense but our concern is not with you, it is those that are not as fortunate to be in a relationship with Jesus or in a Church Community as you are. So we look forward to working alongside of you in making this community better. We even promise to send people your direction if our church community is not a good fit for them. Our goal is to see people connected with Jesus and connected to His Body of believers who are here with the purpose to be His hands and feet until He returns.

If you are still reading this and saying, “We have tried every church; it is just not for me.” I would say that it could just be that God may have brought about the Crossing with you in mind. Now before you think that is an outrageous thought, In Luke 15, in the New Testament we see a Quality in Jesus that is still true of His character today, He may have 99 sheep in the fold, but if even only 1 is missing He goes out to find the missing one. If you feel like you are missing something, maybe it is the Crossing that is going to bring you to Jesus.

We are a safe place for you to check out Jesus, a safe place for healing, a safe place to Grow in your Faith, a safe place to find community. It is our prayer, it is our passion and quite honestly, we feel strongly that the only reason we would do this is so you can get past your negative impressions of the church and see the true Leader of the church- Jesus Christ. We feel God has asked us to do this because if you have exhausted all other possibilities in the area, we believe God would go to the extreme of bringing a church for you, to you; so if you think about it that way, the Crossing may be the church that you have been waiting for.

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